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2023-03-24 site,meta Low-effort dark mode

2023-03-05 apple,ipad,hacking AppleSocHot: Hot Hot Hot

2022-12-04 esl,e-ink I got an e-ink display... And another... And another...

2022-11-18 rpi,nas From a plastic box to a 100TB+ NAS

2022-05-09 steam-deck Steam Deck first impressions

2022-03-08 electronics,repair,lcd How to fix a LCD TV (the bad way)

2021-04-30 irc,nostalgia I'm back on IRC... yes, Internet Relay Chat

2021-03-31 usb,rpi Check your connections

2020-12-30 random 2020

2020-11-22 random No more soggy toast

2020-10-10 blog,meta Hello World