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No more soggy toast

2020-11-22T22:31:28+00:00 • goncalomb • random

I watched a substantial part of the 'original' Top Gear (2002), not that care about cars, but some of the specials and challenges were great. Top Gear did have a fair share of controversies though, enough to justify a dedicated wiki page.

Eventually, the show imploded in 2015 and the original hosts (Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond) were replaced.


At that time I stumbled upon a video that changed my toast-making skills forever... James May, now 'unemployed', decided to share some culinary secrets.

Always leave your toast upright if you're not eating it, because that stops it getting soggy.

James May

Such simple advice, here's the snippet (low volume):

He then proceeds to show the proper technique of creating a toast pyramid, in another video:

Well, I can confirm that it really does works, it helps to slightly cool off the toast without it absorbing condensation from the plate. Now every time I make toast I'm also practicing my stacking skills.

We just need a way to save burnt toast now.

Also, some of the other videos on the channel are worth a watch.

I need to re-watch some Top Gear specials, or maybe try The Grand Tour... with some toast...