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2024-01-30 hacking,car,dacia,rpi How I Also Hacked my Car

2023-07-15 home-automation Domus40 HA - Part 2 - Teardown

2023-06-16 home-automation Domus40 HA - Part 1 - Introduction

2023-03-24 site,meta Low-effort dark mode

2023-03-05 apple,ipad,hacking AppleSocHot: Hot Hot Hot

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WDIScan for JiraTypeScript React 2024

A Jira app for scanning documents and images. In contrast with my previous scanning project, WDIScan makes use of the Mopria eSCL (Apple AirPrint) protocol with WebUSB as the transport layer. It also supports network scanners using a browser extension. More info at

Currently all the code is proprietary, but I'll probably open-source the eSCL/AirPrint library in the future.

WDIScan on the Atlassian Marketplace

WebScan (sane-wasm)C++ WebAssembly React 2023

Did you ever want to use a scanner on a web browser? No? Well, now you can.

Using this experimental project, USB scanners can work directly on a web browser without any drivers, with WebUSB and some help from the SANE API. Go dust off your old scanner. On Hacker News. WebScan (sane-wasm) on GitHub

Hardware H**king202X

Recently I've been working on some hardware analysis projects:

  • mn4-tools: breaking into the infotainment system of my Dacia (blog post)
  • reolink-tools: an ongoing attempt at analyzing the Reolink NVR hardware and extending the software
  • lk-tools: ffmpeg demuxer for Lenkeng HDMI extenders

Grid RunGameMaker: Studio 2018

A minimalist endless runner for Android and PC. A final version was released in 2023, see the latest devlog.

Twitch ArchivePHP 2017

An index for long-lost broadcasts from 2010 to 2014 that were archived on the Internet Archive by the Archive Team. This project was created to easily list and play these files, that are otherwise inaccessible.

P3JSJavaScript Node.js 2016

A JavaScript assembler and simulator for the P3 educational CPU. The P3 CPU is used as a learning tool by students at IST. This project aims to be an alternative to the official assembler and simulator. It runs directly in the browser or on the CLI (using Node.js). P3JS on GitHub

NBTEditorJava Bukkit 2013

A plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit) to customize many aspects of the game by editing NBT tags. At it's core, it uses a revolutionary way of editing in-game entities. With 200,000+ downloads across all releases.

NBTEditor on NBTEditor on GitHub

Other Projects and Links

A CLI tool to verify integrity of files.
A small PHP framework used on some of my websites.
The Last BatteryThe Last Battery
My entry for the Ludum Dare 39 (Jam) competition.
A simple game made only with HTML and CSS!
A ESP8266 based device to fetch the latest EuroMillions draw results.
YoGPoD DownloaderYoGPoD Downloader
A downloader and manager for the Yogscast podcasts.
Something for the fans of Person of Interest.
Web Components inspired by the TV show Person of Interest.
Awesome ReconnectAwesome Reconnect
A reconnect button for Awesomenauts and other Steam games.
Curated list of Yogscast community sites, services and projects.
A place to host some random scripts and files.
The final resting place for dead code.
An opinionated docker-compose configuration.
My dotfiles and scripts, you might find something useful here.
More scripts and snippets, git-problems is a good one.
All my original projects on GitHub.


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